What is Lead generation?

02, Oct 2021

A lead is an individual who has indicated an interest in your offer and delivered you with their contact information so that you can follow up with them, for example, via email or phone.


Lead generation is the process of attracting people who aren't already in your database, persuading them to give you their contact information, and directing them through the purchasing process until they're ready to speak with your sales staff and/or complete a purchase


Need of Lead Generation

For your business, you'll need an effective lead-generating strategy. This is because it will assist you in

?     identifying your target audience

?     growing your business,

?     generating sales.


Lead generation brings visitors to your website, where they can be converted into consumers.


Google has simplified the process of linking people with businesses that enables you to reach out to a customer base that is actively looking for your product or service on a search engine.


You can encourage potential clients to engage with your business through various lead generation strategies, which, if nurtured properly, can lead to sales. The more individuals who learn about your company through any marketing strategy and express interest in it, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.


Benefits of BPO service

Business process outsourcing is outsourcing in which a business hires a third-party service provider to monitor one or more business tasks. All operations relating to the business function are carried out by the third party.

?     Cost-cutting

One of the key reasons businesses outsource is to save money. They can outsource the jobs to a service provider, lowering or even eliminating overhead expenditures.


?      Increased efficiency

BPO firms have vast familiarity in a variety of sectors and provide extraordinary results. They also follow best practices and employ cutting-edge technologies. It inevitably leads to increased efficiency and production.


?     Concentrate on the core of business

Many businesses, particularly start-ups, struggle with supplementary company activity. Transferring non-core tasks to a BPO company frees up time for the company to concentrate on its core business.



Lead Generation unique process by Esynergies


Esynergies follow a unique way of lead generation. The whole lead generation process can be broken down into four steps:


1. Firstly, it is essential to capture the attention of a stranger and persuade them to visit your landing page or website. This can be done by creating engaging posts on social media



2. Next, persuade the website visitors to provide you with their contact information.

This can be done by giving your visitors access to a piece of content when they complete a form on your landing page. This is referred to as a lead magnet by marketers.


3. Once a visitor fills out the form and becomes a lead, you must nurture them with marketing emails until they are ready to buy your product or service. E-mail, webinars, and in-app notifications are all common ways to accomplish this.


4. When your lead is ready to purchase your product or service, direct them to a page where they can place their order or pass them along to your sales team.


The buyer's trip, of course, does not end here. Even after a deal has been made, you should continue to engage with your clients to transform them into committed brand champions.


Leads = customers = profits

If you want to earn profit and grow your business, then you need to follow the rule

Leads = customers = profits

If your business generates more leads, then there are high chances of conversion of these into potential buying customers, and as the buying rate increases, it will lead to the generation of profits.


Lead generation plays a crucial role in the online marketing cycle, as it helps in building up the relationship with the customers, who later turn into potential buyers.

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