What is Technical Analysis?

01, Oct 2021

Technical analysis refers to the process of selecting stocks by analysing statistics related to past market activity, volumes and prices. You will have to go through past charts of prices and the various indicators so as to predict the future movements of the stock price. Many technical analysts provide intraday trading tips based on the trends that are implied by charts, indicators and past data. However, there are times when things do not go as per technical analysis. In such cases using stop-loss orders may help mitigate your losses.


Technical analysis involves a lot of indicators as well as chart patterns and one need to know how to use these in order to pick the right stocks. The approach that should be adopted is more subjective here. Also technical analysis comes with its own set of concepts. The criteria are completely different from that of fundamental analysis. Nevertheless, one would need a lot of discipline and savviness to master technical analysis.

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