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The intense world of globalization is what has led to breakthroughs in almost all aspects of the global economy. The Internet is the most crucial part of globalization as individuals, businesses and companies have found ways to improve their lives, scale up their businesses and make more sales. It’s incredible how some companies have been able to leverage online marketing into succeeding in their businesses using various digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing is the use of online or electronic means to promote the engagement of prospects and increase sales and profit of an organization.Esynergies can provide the perfect solution to a digital marketing campaign in your business.

In this article, we'll look at 10 companies that are striving to use online marketing campaigns to increase their ROI. They use different digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing etc. to engage their prospects and turn them into potential buyers.

List of The Companies and How They Are Killing It With Their Digital Marketing Campaign 


Zappos, a leader in online shoe commerce, sets an unbeatable standard for online customer service and support.

Zappos offers a 365­day money-back guarantee, as well as free shipping both ways as well, should consumers decide to return or change products purchased on the site. In contrast, Zappos doesn’t have to work hard to sell its online presence — it's programs are so charming to consumers that shoppers are eager to sing the company’s praises to one another in a fully organic (and viral) fashion.

Of course, Zappos does spend on online marketing and its social media campaigns are booming! They focus on what the customer wants and needs, and not on their expectations. This works perfectly as it is an effective strategy for a digital marketing campaign that involves listening to prospects and planning in line with the feedback given.

The company core value is to focus more on content marketing by engaging its audience with valuable content so that sales can be made easily.

2.American Express 

It's an open forum site that invites great authors and writers to share their business knowledge and wisdom by sharing valuable content.

They leverage the power of excellent content creation and marketing and do not spend heavily on content contributors.

This open forum only invites industry experts to write an engaging blog post that also drives traffic without having to write any content. This has helped them reduce financial investment and increase ROI.

3. Mint

This is an online digital marketing agency that commits to producing high-quality content such as blog posts as well as infographics that grab attention.

The agency focuses too much on creating useful content as it pays off within a short period.

4.Dollar Shave club 

This is an online community with a love to make shaving more interesting to its prospects and audiences. With over one

With a million subscribers, the company thrives by creating video content for its large audience which receives views of over 24 Million. The online company focuses more on making their audience happy through social engagement with content and sells shaving-related materials in the process.

5. The Wirecutter 

This company sets a high standard for succeeding in the promotion of products through affiliate marketing.

They write reviews for products they admire, root a link to buy it from someone like Amazon, and take a slash of each sale. The reviews on this site take between 20 and 200 hours to complete, involving experts and other interested teams. They have made over 150 million dollars in sales using this online marketing strategy.

6. Slack

Slack is an affiliation tool that allows teams to communicate more efficiently and share files, on one platform.

The secret behind the company's online success is due to its provision of excellent customer service. This is done by providing solutions to the needs of customers rather than directly offering a product.

This strategy has led to its rapid increase in the number of users from 15,000 in 2014 to over 5 million currently.

7. Airbnb

The online company has revolutionized the way we travel and look for recommendations.

They leverage more on the power of social media marketing through the creation of very interesting and engaging content related to travel and have succeeded in engaging more users and driving more sales.

During a 2015 Instagram campaign, the company received 13.3 million engagements and increased followers by 34%. It is now worth more than 31 billion.

8. Jet Blue

A popular online discount airline thrives through the use of social media marketing on Twitter to provide customer service and support to its prospects and customers rather than self-promotion. This has skyrocketed the ROI of the company as it has been able to strike a balance between self-promotion and providing useful information needed by the customers.

9. Yelp

Yelp is an online review platform that earns 160 million unique visitors monthly. Along with  2.8 million claimed businesses and 121 million reviews in total. This company focuses on building its brand to be trustworthy, and credible and this has helped increase its revenue by 3­5%.

10. MasterCard

A financial service ogre. The company thrived on creating viral digital content that already exists to help people and also their brand. They implemented this by using an NFL club in the United States.


The success that these companies have been able to reach is the ability for them to be able to know and understand their audiences. This helped them create strategies that increased engagement and ROI. The power of digital marketing was what was leveraged.

As per Esynergies, the use of powerful digital marketing tools can help you increase the number of engagements on your websites, social media pages or content, leading to ROI and an increase in sales.

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