Our Team

Amreen Shaikh

Operations Manager

I am Amreen Shaikh, Operations Manager at Esynergies. I ensure a strategic operations, that derives from a seamless execution. Managing the team and collaborating for the focused services of all digital needs is my expertise.

Kuntal Morvekar

Business Development Manager

I am Kuntal Morvekar, Business Development Manager at Esynergies. Who loves to work with business owners to let them meet their respective business goals to create an opportunity that aligns with their marketing aspirations



I'm Abhijeet Jaiswar, and I work with Esynergies as a senior graphic designer. I have over 4 years of experience as a graphic designer and am very creative and smart. I have mastered the nuanced art of developing and putting into practice visually appealing design concepts. My experience in the fast-paced field of graphic design has sharpened my abilities and deepened my awareness of the impact that visual communication can have. I graduated from the University of Mumbai with a bachelor's degree in information and technology, and I'm currently studying toward a master's degree in computer science.

Almas Shaikh


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