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A guide to terms on Social Media platforms


Every industry has its different language, so social media. But it flows through the top of the head if someone is unaware of it. And especially if you are coming across it almost every day of your life. Whether you work in the digital world or social media is your everyday concern for personal use, hence Esynergies presents a guide to the terms used generally and specifically on different social media platforms. These can make your journey convenient as a digital businessman.

General Terms used on Social Media

  • Hashtags (#) - These are a word or a group of words used to popularize a brand. It shows a repetitive search made by the users. It helps in the publicity of some specific websites or people. 

  • Engagement Rate - It is a term used to specify the rate of customer visits to a website or content. It is an indication of a better digital marketing strategy and also gives scope for improvement.

  • Influencer - On social media, a person with a large number of followers is called an influencer.

  • Trending topic - As the name suggests, it is a topic of discussion popular among various social media platforms.

  • Audience - This term refers to the people engaged in your posts on various social media platforms.

  • Boosted Post - Social media provides support to increase the reach of people by increasing the visibility of your post. It is called a boosted post.

  • Business page - It is a page created on Social media with a specific purpose of business and reaching a target audience.

  • Personal profile - It is the profile created by a person on his social media page for his personal use.


Terms used on specific Social media platforms

Now Esynergies introduce you to the different social media platforms generated with some specific targets to achieve. They have some specific terms related to them. The most common platforms are-


Facebook - It is the maximum used platform on social media. The terms related to it are-

  • Facebook event- It is a feature provided by Facebook to create an upcoming event on your Facebook page and invite your friends and relatives to it.

  • Group- It is used specifically by people of the same interest to share information. It is beneficial for a brand and dedicated businessman to add extra value for their followers.



  • Bio- It is the biography of the user published at the top of the page.

  • Location Tagging- It is a feature available to tag the location by the user to increase the probability of finding by a user.

  • Filter- It is used to enhance the quality of the pictures shared by the user.



  • Tweet- It is the post shared by the user specifically on Twitter.

  • Retweet- It is a tweet re-shared by a user for his followers. It also allows the user to add his comment to the tweet re-shared.

  • Twitter Polls- It is a feedback-providing questionnaire that helps to improve a business.



  • Pin- It is the post created on Pinterest. It may be an image, link, or description.

  • Board- It is a collection of similar theme pins. It is useful for businesses. It helps categorize social media content to find it with ease.

  • Repin- It helps the users to re-share content added by another user.



  • Connection- It is a connection of a user with Friends on Facebook.

  • Endorsement- It is a feature that allows a LinkedIn user to endorse another user and recommend them based on specific skills listed on their profile.

  • Jobs- On LinkedIn, a business can advertise job openings on its page. It is a method for a business to fill openings and recruit talent.

  • Profile- It is a personal profile similar to a digital resume.

  • Page- It is used on LinkedIn by employers and organizations to connect with their followers.



Social media proves to be an important platform to connect with friends, family, and employers. It helps keep people busy with different opportunities. It motivates people to start up a business. It also provides the available resources to grow the business. Whether the business is small or big, Esynergies is here to provide you with the platform to grow as a businessman. Maybe it needs time and energy, but no worries the online marketing strategy of Esynergies will give wings to your business.