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How To Build an Effective Social Media Calendar


Social media is a new religion, and the amazing thing is that everyone is a convert. Anyone you can ever think of has their own designated place in social media, they just need to identify it. No one needs to preach it to anyone, at least not anymore. Social media is all around us, almost everything we do is determined by how well we understand social media and the position we occupy there. From politics to religion to the economy, everyone finds a voice in social media and creating your niche, making your own statement depends largely on your knowledge of the various social media. At Esynergies we take this responsibility upon our shoulders for you, we specialize in the optimization of your content, expanding your niche for maximum output, and positioning your products and services at the most relevant places. Let us proceed to the basic idea of an efficient social media calendar.

What is a Social Media Calendar?

Social media calendars are laid-out plans or apps used to schedule posts to be made in advance. They are used to determine which content will be shared, manage campaigns for products, and track deadlines for various planned activities. They’re almost always made using either one or more of these three different formats namely: printed paper, spreadsheets, or software services.

Every entry in a social media calendar out there includes some combination of these listed elements:

  • Specified date and time that the post is to be made.

  • The social media account and network where the post will be made.

  • The post’s fully edited copy and the creative assets needed which can be photos or videos and more.

Why Use a Social Media Calendar?

The importance of an effective social media calendar cannot be fully stated, not in this post. It is better felt when the effects have started to become felt, these effects are an increase in organic traffic, sales and general promotion of your services and products. Let us look at just three briefly.

1. Organization of your work. 

Maintaining a standard social media calendar gives you freedom, freedom from worries and fear of underperformance. With an effective social media calendar handy, you plan ahead easily, divide your work into stages, fully shun multitasking, and record your creative ideas for later. With the calendar in place, you can sleep fine at night and not have to stay awake by midnight to think up what to post the next day. Esynergies services ensure the standard organization of posts necessary for the growth of your brand.

2. Create Optimized Content

Social media of today had become so improved and professionalized that a single social media post can have a whole team of creatives working tooth and nail behind it. We understand that organizing a professional team of hard-working people to brainstorm for a Twitter thread for example isn't a simple task. We at Esynergies services take this burden off your shoulders.

3. Post Consistently

You have to understand that whether you’re trying to increase your Twitter followers, and your YouTube views or you have even taken the step to implement social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the first tip we will give you is “post consistently.”

Let's discuss the why.

Showing up in your preferred audience’s feed constantly is the key to getting engagements on social media. Astounding engagement brings up your organic reach via the social medium's algorithm system so that your posts get shown to the eyes and people that need to see them and then they can start following your brand on a daily, increasingly.

How to Create an Effective Social Media Calendar.

A social media calendar like every other professional material out there has rules and regulations to observe when being created, these rules are necessary for the effective delivery of its purpose and the success of its implementation. The first and most important step to take is to contact Esynergies services to construct and manage an efficient calendar for you. From that we:

  • Analyze your social media accounts and apportion appropriate content for each.

  • Decide what your calendar needs to track

  • Create a library of contents for your assets, it could span half a year, a full year or even more.

  • Set up a workflow

  • Start drafting the various posts, and organizing its assets.

  • Invite your team to review, and use their feedback to cover loopholes and general improvement.

  • Start implementation.


Your social media popularity and relevance are dependent on your activity and the value you give, this in turn is dependent on your planning and the way through which your calendar is able to cover topics and issues that are most relevant to your business and the services you render. The various social media networks to cover will depend largely on the scope of your social media strategy. We at Esynergies services give you optimum satisfaction when it comes to making an effective Social Media Calendar.