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How the digital market is gaining traction


Traction is a term that indicates a measurable amount of customers for business either on the website or on the other digital campaigns lead by a company. The traction does not enhance through conventional marketing strategies, but according to modern trends, integrating digital platforms is the only way to provide desired results to a company. If a company succeeds in gaining traction, it can help them to approach digital investors for their business. But it is challenging to understand when the company is ready to hover over the investors. This puzzle can be solved for you by Esynergies. There are some indicators of it that can be easily realized by the efficient team of Esynergies. The main indicator for traction gain is whether or not the company website and digital platforms are able to engage a maximum number of customers constantly. With the help of its extensive research and experience, Esynergies has various innovative strategies that can help an entrepreneur or a small business to gain genuine customers and attract investors. This will lead to a great rise in their profits. It is not a concern if the company is big or small, Esynergies guides all towards a bright business future.

Methods of how the digital market is gaining traction

  1. Artificial Intelligence- These days, Artificial intelligence is a smart method that targets the concerned audience through automated advertising methods. It is specific and intelligent to buy media and use data efficiently. It is now used by almost all smart digital companies which want their business to grow manifold.
  2. Optimized voice- We can use many voice-based devices available in the market like Alexa and Google Assistant. They need to have an optimized voice quality. Other companies may also optimize the voice search on their websites to gain traction.
  3. Video-based advertising- Authentic and successful digital marketing is mainly based on personalized customer information. It helps customers feel a personal bond with the company and increases the engagement of a particular website or digital handle. If customers believe that a company prefers their feedback and preferences, they are delighted by the content of that company. All this could be done to allow the customers to watch videos of content on the website and will enable them to provide feedback in the same video form. Esynergies can guide you in video advertising by generating more engaging and accurate content for your digital platforms with the help of its technical analysis team.
  4. Influencer marketing increases credibility- No one can deny the fact that advertising information given by a person is more credible than a brand giving the same information. Advertising companies use famous personalities like cricketers or film stars to promote their products. This is an influencer marketing strategy that influences the thinking and understanding of customers on their products.

How would you increase traction on social media?

The main question that arises here is why a company needs to increase traction on social media. Since social media is the biggest digital platform used by the audience, it provides the biggest scope to advertise the products on it. Esynergies based on its wide research on social media platforms provide strategies to increase traction on social media.

  • Interconnect the various social media platforms by displaying the same content about the brand on all platforms.
  • Improve the profile of your company every day to connect with more people.
  • Try to connect with many communities and groups to increase engagement.
  • Advertise the product through various methods on social media platforms.
  • Incorporate the spice of humour and sweetness in the advertisements to increase the liking of more people. It will also bind them to share the post with their friends.
  • Try to prepare the content strategically to target the required audience and leave a deep impact on them.


Digital marketing can gain traction only through consistent and creative advertising strategies. Esynergies is a leading marketing service to provide innovative methods to reach more clients and customers and gain social media traction. So don't be slow or standstill in this fast-growing world of technology and the digital world. Instead, shake hands with the best digital marketing agency Esynergies and give new dimensions to your business.


Digital marketing on a budget

The marketing trends have transformed themselves from primitive to modern With constant and rapid development in the digital world. Every business company realizes the need to run a digital marketing campaign for their business promotion. Since most people are now spending most of their time on digital platforms, which created an urge to spread the products by the medium of social media platforms, this helps the company to increase their engagement and reach the target audience with innovative products advertised properly for a better understanding of their application. But the main question that came to the mind of every business company, especially the small ones, is- How much do they need to spend on digital marketing, and is the cost worth spending?


Esynergies bring its extensive research experience for you to answer all the queries related to digital marketing cost. 


Is Digital marketing expensive or inexpensive?

It is very difficult to say whether digital marketing will cost your company more or less. It depends on various factors that determine the investment needed in the digital promotion of a business. Esynergies brings to your kind notice that we have an innovation centre with a dedicated team, which will guide your company about the investment to be done depending on the size of your business. The goal of your business, objectives of marketing and budget dedicated to it, and the timeline decided by your company.

If you want to promote your company digitally, but budget is the constraint, then Esynergies is the best option for you. We will provide you with a breakup of the estimated cost for the different types of marketing strategies suggested by us. You could choose your marketing strategy with your estimated cost and spread like fire in the digital market.


7 tips for digital marketing on a budget

1. Invest some money- 

Spend at least 3-5% of the overall marketing revenue of your company on digital marketing. This is the most common shortfall that most companies that don’t spend this minimum baseline kept for their digital marketing. However, the increasing use of the internet has raised the alarm for those companies to spend at least the bare minimum required for their advertising and marketing strategy. With each passing year, the need for digital marketing increases to make good revenue for the company. So if you want to get more leads, Esynergies will help you with its best outsourcing clients.

2. Make use of free tools- 

Start with the free online tools to attract clients in starting. This method is cost-effective. Once you are able to make some potential customers, you may think of spending money on further advertisement.

3. Connect more- 

A great way to start making clients is by connecting with people of the same industry in different meetings and symposiums. This will help in increasing awareness about the needs and interests of the customers.

4. Do proper budgeting-

Divide the budget to spend on the latest business strategy and the new innovation for the upcoming products. It is not smart to spend all the money today. We should always keep some of the money for future planning. 

5. Make an innovative strategy-

 With such a dynamic and ever-changing digital world, one should always be ready for business strategy innovation and transformation. Esynergies, with its advanced survey and technical analysis, is the best to guide you with strategic planning.

6. Keep analyzing-

 Always analyze the failures in the past to succeed in the future. What were the reasons for failure, and how may the strategy be innovated to generate more revenues in the upcoming years? These questions should always be a part of your research. Esynergies provides you with the best analysis report of your past failures and present needs.

7. Make a wise decision- 

Try to choose the best digital platforms for your marketing. It is a crucial factor to be decided based on the target audience and marketing goals of the company. If it is not chosen wisely, the marketing strategy may fail to lead to the company's downfall.


Wise planning and implementation can lead any business company to reach its target. Why wait for the results at the end of the year? Esynergies is here for constant monitoring and evaluation of your business strategy and incorporating the best ideas to meet the challenges faced by the company.