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Seven things to do to avoid Failure in Social Media Marketing.


It's no news that Times are changing, there's no doubt as well pertaining to that fact. As each new day unfolds, you get to discover that there’s more to social media than making posts on Facebook and Twitter a few or even many times a day. 

One has to get professional with it or employ professional services in order to obtain desirable results.

If you want to start up your own brand, build it, engage your clients with your products and services, and invariably increase sales, it would require hard work and dedication.

It is imperative to note that there abound a plethora of competitors on social media who have the goals as you, there is also social media noise which distracts, and has the capacity to compete for your audience's attention with you. 

To that end, you need a brilliant social media marketing strategy in order to succeed. That's where Esynergies comes in.


Seven strategies to employ to avoid Failure in Social Media Marketing

The term Social Media Marketing (SMM) is quite broad on its own. It refers to the use of social media, and its networks to bring a company’s products and services nearer to prospective buyers. Social media marketing in its unique way provides companies and organizations with a way to engage customers and also reach prospective ones, without them having to meet face to face. All the while allowing them to promote their desired culture or mission and communicate in their desired tone. Social media marketing in a way is unique because it has data analytics tools for specific purposes that allow marketers to track the success of their posts and the number of sales they are making per time.

Social media despite being unique can also be quite tricky, you'll have to post the right content, at the right time, on the right network to achieve maximum output. This is besides tweaking your content to fit into the algorithm system of the network. Failure is not far-fetched, that's why at Esynergies we have put seven concrete, foolproof strategies in this piece for your use. Let us proceed.

  1. Strategy: You might find it amusing, even funny that the first amongst the strategies are also 'strategy' but no, there is no mistake there. This first step is about defining your goals, selecting the best social media channels to be used, and the right type of content unique to the product or service that will be shared.

  2. Planning and Publishing: the next step is to draft your business plan of what their various content will look like on various social media and then decide when it will be put out on the selected platform.

  3. Listening and Engagement: after posting your content, you don't just go back to business as usual. You monitor what the users, customers, and others are saying about the posts you made and the brands you advertised. In this step, the adoption of a social media engagement tool or agent is required.

  4. Analytics and Reporting: part of monitoring your posts on social media is knowing how far they are going, their coverage and the level of receptivity, so after giving attention to the engagements, it's required to have a report, to draft further plans. 

  5. Advertising: this strategy is as important as the content to be posted itself, in fact, posting content about your brand is a form of advertisement. That said, putting out ads on social media about your products and services is a great way to promote and develop your brand. 

  6. Set up a fold for your brand enthusiasts: You need to prove to your audience that you are not a robot. Fuse your personality through humour and even emotions into your posts so that your audience can relate on a personal level with your brand.

  7. Use advocates: the best possible promotional tool for your brand is the people who love it. People who have purchased your products or made use of your services are utmostly satisfied. So, instead of putting all your resources into looking for new customers, why not make the most out of the current ones?


Social media is a powerful entity, that can make or mar a person or the brand he/she represents. All over the world, businesses have become more occupied with getting more and more new customers on their social media platforms rather than their websites, they forget that organic growth is the best for any prospering brand. By following these 7 simple strategies, you'll not only set yourself up to be rubbing shoulders with well-established brands but also you'll be creating a social media plan that will stand the test of time and give the best possible results.