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The Lazy Seo's Way to SEO Tricks

Over the past few years, Google has released several algorithms, including (panda, penguin, and Hummingbird). Thus, the necessity for websites to rank increased. By following some SEO tactics, you can rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

7 Best Tips TO Practice Lazy SEO

1: Place the right keywords in the right place.
You already know which keyword you want to rank, but how frequently and where are these keywords used? Specifically, make sure you add the keyword in the title of the page. Use keywords once in the first 100 words of the article. Use in the headings and URLs. We'll discuss these points separately in brief.

2: Use short and keyword-rich URLs.
It's necessary to keep URLs short so that they are easy for humans to understand and learn. Google also prefer short URLs instead of long one. Use keyword once in URLs. This helps your audience to know what your content is about.
? Don't use ugly URLs like this that is difficult for humans to remember.
? Use simple like this one.

3: Write catchy headlines.
Writing attention-grabbing headlines is a crucial SEO technique. No matter how thoroughly you research a topic, your efforts will be in vain if your headlines don't seem appealing. Use proper headings and subheadings with at least one keyword in them. Every software provides the correct format for headers H1 through H6. For headings, use H1, and for subheadings, use H2. If you write simple text and bold it to make a title, Google interprets it as simple text, not the title. Make headings with numbers. If you want to make your headlines perfect, use free tools.

4: Delete older blog posts:
It's necessary to update older content timely to improve the SEO of a website. To do this, first of all, identifies pages that are losing traffic by using Google analytics. Changing doesn't require in all posts do only those posts that give less traffic and make them SEO optimized by generating new content. For this, you can use a free tool Animalz revive.

5: Add LSI keywords to your content:
Besides, primary keywords add LSI words. First, do we know what LSI is? LSI (latent semantic index) is also called secondary keywords. LSI is ("synonyms and closely-related terms).it helps search engines to find pages that include the words related to the search word. For instance, if a person searches, How to lose body weight? And Tips to lose weight? Google treated them the same due to LSI. Now, we know how to find them. To do this, first search primary keywords on Google. Then scroll down the page; Google itself suggest using these words.

6:Publish long-form content.
Short and sweet blog posts are no longer acceptable. Now, Google gives priority to long and detailed content. Some people believe that long content is 700 words or more. How long should you write content? Make sure to write quality content. Don't compromise quality over quantity.
Expert says that there is a relationship between the quantity of content and ranking.
This graph clearly shows.

7: Add external links.
External links are hyperlinks that direct to other websites. External links are more influential than internal links from an SEO point of view.
Adding external links improves the quality of pages. External links target other pages with related keywords.